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Is SPICE going to make St. Catharine a Special Needs School?
Absolutely Not! SPICE was established to help St. Catharine meet the needs of our Parish Children, most of whom were already enrolled in our school or Religious Education Program before any special needs were even identified. It is our hope that SPICE will bring an awareness to other parishes, so that they can do what St. Catharine is doing in their own parishes.

Can St. Catharine meet all student’s special needs?
Good Question! The answer is probably not, but St. Catharine is committed to “try” to meet the needs of all of its parishioners. Everyone has different learning styles and needs. Sometimes the St. Catharine environment supersedes the benefits that a more publicly funded school system can provide for a student. The bottom line is what is best for the individual student!

Why does St. Catharine bother trying to meet everyone’s needs?
Think about that! This question is best answered by another question. Why didn’t God make us all the same? Does everyone have the same needs and learning styles, and should those with special needs be ignored? Our Parish is an extension of the family, the basic unit of the Catholic Church. Just as parents try to do all they can for all their children, so does St. Catharine for all of its members.

Why haven’t we heard of what St. Catharine is doing before now?
People’s needs are a very private issue, and especially when they involve inadequacies and special needs. Everyone loves their children and when they excel, people tend to talk about it. However, when they have problems, whether it be to protect the child, or for denial or embarrassment, parents tend to keep it confidential. St. Catharine understands and respects this, and has gone about their duties without making it public what special things that they are doing and how often they are doing it. Unless you are personally involved with a student with special needs, and unless these needs are “visible” (and typically they are not), you have no idea what the parents, parish and school are involved with. St. Catharine has been doing great things for years for a large number of families, and the general population has not been aware of it.

What is the future of SPICE?
Excellent! SPICE has the complete support of the Diocesan Vicar of Education, our Pastor, School Principal and Religious Education Program. We have received tremendous support and encouragement. Our Board is meeting this spring to plan for next year. SPICE will be an ongoing event at St. Catharine, both in its fundraising and awareness efforts. We will meet periodically, St. Catharine School, and the Religious Education Director to discuss their needs and assist in meeting them.

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