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St. Catharine School Tuition Assistance

Visit the link on the right to download the form for our tuition assistance program, Scholarship Saints. For more information about our wonderful Scholarship Saints Program, view this letter from our principal, Janet Weisner. Once you have completed the form you can mail it back to the Parish Office, or fax it to (614) 231-8366. All gifts will be promptly acknowledged!

Thank you for your support!


The Parish has formed the St. Catharine of Siena Bequest Society to recognize parishioners and friends who have included the Parish in their estate plan. You can download that Bequest Form here:

Parishioners and friends can also work with their legal counsel and write an addendum or codicil to their will by adding “St. Catharine of Siena Church, Columbus, Ohio” in their estate planning documentation. Donors who leave a bequest can either leave a one-time cash gift to meet the Parish’s area of greatest need, or establish a permanent named endowment fund with pre-established criteria that will provide St. Catharine Parish an annual award in perpetuity. For a packet of sample bequest language for you to share with legal counsel and the preparation of your Last Will & Testament please contact our Development Office at (614) 231-4509 ext. 317 or email us at:


A gift of appreciated stock (typically held for longer than one year) is an ideal and tax-wise method of supporting St. Catharine Church. Please contact our Development Office at (614) 231-4509 ext. 317 or download our Stock Transfer Instructions here: 

As an added benefit to the donor, gifts of appreciated stock avoid any capital gains on the increased value of the appreciated property, and donors receive a full deduction for the full market value at the time of the gift and capital gains tax is not due when the stock is transferred to the Parish. The mean market value on the date of the transfer will determine the value of the gift for tax purposes. It is best to consult with a financial advisor to ease this kind of gift and to ensure proper credit is extended to you, the donor.


A St. Catharine Parish Endowment Fund was established many years ago at The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Columbus. The Fund provides perpetual funding for the needs of our parish. Click here for the Endowment Giving form:


Your gift to St. Catharine of Siena Church will have an immediate impact on the parish’s many ministries! Gifts can be “one-time” or set up as an online recurring pledge paid over the course of the year.  Your gift to St. Catharine is 100% tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law, so please consult with your tax advisor since tax laws are always changing. For additional information, contact our Parish Development Office at (614) 231-4509 ext. 317 or by email at:


Outright gifts can be cash, appreciated stock, appreciated real estate, or other tangible personal property/equipment that can be liquidated.  Cash gifts and gifts of appreciated stock to St. Catharine are deductible to the fullest extent of the law, so donors please check with your advisor since the tax codes have changed. Recurring gifts can be set up per the donor’s wishes for automatic deductions weekly, monthly or semiannually. Click here to visit our safe -and-secure electronic giving platform. 


Many employers with a corporate foundation will match the gifts of their employees, retirees, and Board members. Matches often range from $0.50 on $1; 1:1; and even 2:1 and applies to gifts of cash and appreciated securities (stocks, bonds). Please inquire with your HR/benefits office and request a matching-gift form.


Paver bricks will be located at the entrances to the new Msgr. Sorohan Parish Center and Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. To order and pay for your brick click here. All verbiage on paver bricks is subject to final approval by the Church.


St. Catharine welcomes commemorative gifts recognizing Baptisms, First Communion, Holy Matrimony/Wedding Anniversaries, and Holy Orders at St. Catharine Church are an ideal designation for gifts “In Honor Of” or gifts of “In Memoriam.” As is the case with each and every gift to St. Catharine, a formal acknowledgement will be sent promptly to those being honored, or the next of kin of those being memorialized. For additional information, please feel free to contact our Parish Development Office at (614) 231-4509 or by email at: 


Donors can designate their gift to support any number of our Parish’s 20+ ministries which rely on sponsorship gifts. Ministering to the Poor/Hungry; Tuition Assistance Fund for Parish Families in Need; Bereavement Program; Youth Ministry; Respect Life; Elderly & Shut-Ins; RCIA/ALPHA. Donors can specify one or more of these ministries by clicking here to visit our safe -and-secure electronic giving platform. Pledges can be designated weekly, monthly, or semiannually.


Interested in making a gift through a Donor Advised Fund? Please send a check from your DAF payable to St. Catharine Church. Our address is St. Catharine Church, 500 South Gould Rd., Columbus, OH 43209


To make a gift to “For God’s Glory” capital campaign click here. Under the “Gift Information” heading there is a pull-down menu for “Capital Campaign.” Make sure you highlight that giving option and then you can proceed with registering for your gift.


Parishioners and friends age 70½ or older are permitted by law to transfer up to $100,000 from a traditional or Roth IRA to a qualified charity. Donors may transfer 100% or a portion of their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) to St. Catharine of Siena Church or School. By electing to gift their required distribution to St. Catharine, donors avoid claiming the required distribution on their annual taxes. Transfers must be made directly from an IRA custodian to St. Catharine. If you would like to support St. Catharine Parish through your IRA, please contact:

Retirement assets, i.e., 401(k) plan; 403(b) plan; Individual Retirement Account (IRA) also can be transferred at death by a beneficiary designation form that you as the donor must fill out with the plan’s administrator. Check with your financial planner on the tax consequences with retirement plan assets.


Bequeathing retirement assets is an excellent way to support the Parish, the Grade School or other agencies in the diocese because the assets pass tax-free.

  • Insurance policies, financial accounts like bank or brokerage accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and U.S. Savings Bonds are other assets that must be designated in the estate plan.
  • As the owner of these assets, you as the Parishioner must complete the proper beneficiary designation forms which are referred to as either Transfer-on-Death (TOD) or Pay-on-Death (POD) forms.

Be sure to keep your beneficiary designations on these assets up to date to reflect where you want your gift to go upon your death and remember to include our name: “St. Catharine Church, Columbus, Ohio” on all beneficiary forms.


Parishioners can create their own named endowment during their lifetime to provide St. Catharine Parish with a permanent source of income expressly for the benefit of any number of Parish ministries. All endowment funds are established at The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Columbus, whose staff will work with you and our Pastor to establish an endowment agreement and awards criteria. For example, the typical “annual payout” of an endowment is equal to 5% of the fund’s principal balance, i.e., a $25,000 fund balance would provide an annual cash award of $1,250.00 to St. Catharine Church. For a sample Endowment Description that benefits St. Catharine Church, please contact the Parish Development Office at (614) 231-4509 ext. 317 or email us at: 


Since its founding in 1931, St. Catharine’s has been blessed by the generous support of its parishioners, who have a long tradition of raising the funds for the church, St. Catharine School, and the Parish Preschool. As the parish looks to its immediate future, it has become clear St. Catharine must continue to grow to meet the needs of the 21st century and a growing parish.

In 2017 the Parish launched a transformational capital campaign titled, “For God’s Glory.” When the campaign is completed in 2020, St. Catharine will have a new Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel; a spacious Parish Center named in honor of Monsignor David V. Sorohan; two new classrooms and a conference room for the Grade School; and a new home for its Parish Preschool which actually relocated in the historic building that once served as the Parish convent. When adjusted for inflation, these transformational new spaces are almost identical to the financial investment our Parish made in 1960 when it launched a capital campaign titled “For the Greater Glory of God” to build a new church that would cost $781,000. In fact, it was discovered well after the Parish’s current campaign had been launched that both the title of the new campaign (“For God’s Glory”) and the goal when adjusted for inflation were almost identical!

Charitable support, no matter how big or how small, allows St. Catharine to fulfill its mission:

“St. Catharine Church is a family rooted in Jesus Christ and sent forth to share the joy of God’s love. We work to build up disciples through community, worship, and service.”

St. Catharine Church